Plant-Strong Sushi
We love sushi. I had always wanted to make them at home. I found this recipe and after getting the hang of it they turned out beautiful.
Servings Prep Time
5 30minutes
Servings Prep Time
5 30minutes
  1. Cook your rice using short grain brown rice (if its wasnt prepared beforehand). Add a little bit more water than the instructions call for and cook till it’s really done (all water out) to make it more sticky.
  2. Cool the rice. Transfer rice to a non reactive bowl (glass or wood)
  3. Add rice vinegar. Pour the vinegar slowly over a large base wooden spoon, be sure to try and spread it out evenly. You do not need a lot of rice vinegar, just enough to cover the top of the rice lightly. Mix well.
  4. Cover bamboo mat with plastic wrap.
  5. Cut and place nori sheet on mat, putting the shiny side up (some people toast their nori first). The nori should be about 7 inches by 3-4 inches. This usually means you are cutting about 2 inches off the top. Save this for hand rolls.
  6. Spread rice over nori – we use our hands for this, because it’s easier. When you use your hands, put a little rice vinegar on your hands.
  7. Place your ingredients, in 1 single strip across the middle of the nori sheet with rice. Don’t use too much. It is best to use three ingredients. ***You can also make these rice side up, simply flip the nori sheet with rice over.
  8. Roll your sushi! Fold the bamboo mat over the ingredients and tightly roll the sushi.
  9. Remove roll from bamboo matt and cut with a sharp knife. Serve with wasabi and soy sauce or coconut amino’s.
  10. The Nori sheets I bought at my local health food store measured 8″ by 7.5″ and was already toasted. I didnt cut any off, I filled the sheet with rice following the directions on the package, pressing the rice on the sheet but not all the way to the top or farthest edge. Slightly dampen the farther edge of the sheet so that the edges adhere to each other after you roll.
  11. Once rolls are made, leave for a few minutes to let the nori sheet absorb some moisture from the rice.
  12. I then cut the roll with a very sharp knife (the ends peices weren’t as pretty as the inside peices)
  13. My first roll was a bit loose, but after getting the hang of it, the rest rolled up nicely!