Essential Oils Classes

Essential oils are amazing for a variety of emotional and physical wellness applications. I hold classes every month on how to use the oils. Classes are free!

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if you are interested in attending classes on how to use these natural plant oils that have been around for thousands of years.

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Below are classes being taught this month:

Wednesday January 16th at 6pm at my office: 1400 NE 48th Ave 201D Hillsboro OR 97124
Want to stay healthy? Gather helpful lifestyle tips, which include the use of essential oils. During this class, we will be following the pillars of health in Functional Medicine and how essential oils can be used for each pillar.
You’ll learn how essential oils can play a role in maintaining a lifestyle of healthy eating, good sleeping, smart de-stressing, and more!  

Online Essential Oils 101 

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All classes are held in Hillsboro.  Email me for more information or if you have any questions: