Couples Program




In the couples program, you go through the same program as the 3 or 6 month programs only you are working together with your partner.  I love working with couples!  This can be a great way to add more accountability and help you stick to a healthy lifestyle. However, please make sure that both of you are committed and have broadly similar health goals. Coaching a pregnant woman and someone looking to lose weight together can prove challenging.

The information in this website is not intended as medical advice or to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge.   I encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.  Always work directly with a qualified medical professional before attempting to treat any illness or medical condition with diet and lifestyle, or when changing or discontinuing any prescription medications. Always be sure you talk with your doctor before making any changes in diet when you have an existing medical condition and check with your doctor before starting any new diet or fitness program.