Yum Bowls

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Yum Bowls
Hands down this is a crowd pleaser. Great for families with kids as they can put their own yum bowl together the way they like.
To my friend Mandy who invited us over and served this for dinner
  1. To prepare tofu, slice into smaller pieces and place between paper towels or kitchen towels to get the moisture out. Place some weight on top to squeeze out that moisture.
  2. Prepare the brown rice or quinoa according to package directions. Its always good to make extra to have on hand for another meal or left overs.
  3. Saute your vegetables of choice separately in a little olive oil and soy sauce and garlic. Season to your taste.
  4. Saute the tofu in a little olive oil and soy sauce.
  5. Line up all of the vegetables, tofu, rice or quinoa on your counter.
  6. In a bowl place what you want with rice on bottom, then veggies, then tofu and then top with Yum Sauce.
  7. This is very kid friendly because they can create their own bowl. Its good for entertaining too so people can choose their favorites to top their bowl.
  8. I purchase Yum Sauce at New Seasons, yes its really called Yum Sauce, its a vegan sauce and there are 3 flavors, I like the garlic the best.
  9. If you want chicken or beef instead of tofu, just prepare in your favorite way.