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As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, I help guide people on a health and wellness journey to find their own personal state of health. There are various paths one can take to discover their best health. Working on stress, getting better sleep, eating healthier, moving the body more, getting rid of toxins in one’s environment or simply finding solid connections with others, all important factors in a healthy life.


Supplements can be a part of improving one’s health. Although supplements can’t replace doing the actual work of eating better or exercising more, they can fill important gaps when working toward health.

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* As a Health Coach, I cannot diagnose, prescribe, suggest, or recommend supplements. However, if you have been recommended a supplement or prescribed something from your doctor, I have a store site you can purchase high quality supplements from called Wellevate.

Always follow the care plan and nutrition guidelines set by your health care provider.  Also, connect with your health care provider with any questions on supplements you are taking currently or are interested in taking.

What is Fullscript?

Fullscript is a professional-grade supplement distributor trusted by integrative health practitioners for more than 40 years.

  • Fullscript is the largest and most trusted distributor of professional grade vitamins and supplements in North America. Their partnership with more than 300 brands allow me to offer over 20,000 products: from daily supplements and vitamins to seasonal skincare and organic snacks.
  • Fullscript offers professional-grade brands. Fullscript was designed to provide reliable, unbiased information about the quality practices of participating brands. Brands are tested for current manufacturing processes, including cGMP, raw material testing, and final product testing.
  • With Fullscript, inventory is inspected for authenticity and is quality-tested.
  • Inventory is always stored in temperature-controlled environments in the distribution centers.
  • You will be purchasing your supplements at a discount – who doesn’t want to save some money?

For additional information about Fullscript:

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