Back to School. What’s for lunch?

So I was asked about good, healthy lunches for kids going back to school.  This has been a dilemma for many mom’s at the start of the school year.  And it was my own when my kids were in school.  So I began a search for what’s in for lunches these days.  One site I got a lot of great information from was 100 Days of Real Food.  I actually saw a clip on a new book that was being presented and it sent me to this website.  These are some of the ideas.

Make sure there is variety in the lunch so its not boring.  Many small choices get eaten over larger few selections.  And letting the kids help make the lunches may give a better chance of them eating it!

1.  Leftovers can be a treat such as

Leftover quesadillas, leftover spaghetti, leftover potato soup or any homemade soup, leftover waffles made into sandwiches.

Ideas:  Potato soup, sliced apples, ants on a log (celery filled with peanut or almond butter with raisins).

Spaghetti, banana with a peanut butter packet, cauliflower or broccoli trees

Whole wheat waffle sandwich with peanut butter or almond butter, fruit and veggie sticks

2.  Homemade goodies such as

Whole wheat muffins like zucchini, oatmeal or blueberry, protein bars or peanut butter balls, trail mix

Ideas:  Fruit kabobs with cheese, veggie sticks with hummus, homemade protein bars

Homemade muffin, fruit, homemade soup

3.  We know how healthy green smoothies are, you can freeze them overnight and put them in the lunch.  They will still be cold.

4.  Make mini pizza’s on pita bread with tomato sauce, grated cheese and olives. (all separate so they can put together.

Ideas:  Mini pizza with veggie sticks, cherries and a hard boiled egg.

5.  Other ideas are: Tortilla wrap sliced in pinwheels (hummus, tomatoes, lettuce, red pepper slices),applesauce

Sliced Applegate lunch meat with crackers, frozen peas, watermelon slices

Just make sure you try to include in the lunch a protein, a healthy fat and fruits and veggies.  Hope you find something that becomes a favorite!