Connecting Health Goals to Action

Ever left an office visit with a smile (or not!) and thought, “What on earth did the doctor just say?” Lots of people leave the doctor with no concrete plan for how to resolve a health issue. The good news: it doesn’t have to be that way!

Functional Medicine (FM) Coaching is designed to take your doctor’s goals as well as your goals and turn them into a bite-sized, actionable plan to take control of your own health. Last summer, I shared that I was taking classes at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, and I just received my certification as a FM coach.

What Your Functional Medicine Coach Can Do For You

Functional Medicine is designed to prevent and reverse chronic health conditions by treating the root causes of illness—often through diet and lifestyle change. As your FM coach, I …

  • Listen to understand exactly what you’re dealing with and identify exactly what you want.
  • Help you translate and incorporate your doctor’s professional advice into your step-by-step plan that also encompasses your goals.
  • Help you think through the specific choices, including those “hidden” unconscious habits, that can build positive momentum.

I love the practical nature of Functional Medicine Coaching, which uses problem solving and accountability. Together we put together an accurate, holistic picture so you feel confident in taking tangible steps toward better health. Plus, you know you have my support through regular check-ins, both on the phone and in person. What a relief! You don’t have to muster unrealistic internal power to keep yourself accountable. I’m here! We problem solve together.

Here’s an example: some clients have struggled with wanting to lose weight. They feel trapped in their current situation. So, we communicate and collaborate, pinpointing the causes of weight gain, like high stress, and empower them with a realistic plan that frees them mentally to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

I also love that Functional Medicine Coaching honors the professional guidance of doctors while bringing it into a person’s real world. Sometimes medical professionals can be vague in their advice, like, “Exercise four times a week and keep your calories below ‘x’ number.” Putting that advice into practice can be overwhelming, confusing, or just challenging—so, that’s where I come in! I sit down with you after talking with your doctor and guide you as you outline a practical plan. We want to uncover what exactly you should do and what you actually want to do for those four workouts and the related meal plan. Often, making a realistic plan is all you need to feel confident in taking control of your own well-being.

Your First Coaching Visit

As mentioned, one of my main goals is to listen and understand your goals as well as your health provider’s goals. I want to see the full picture of your health and well-being, not just the apparent symptoms or challenges. I often ask open-ended questions that help you uncover the real culprit and real end goal. One of my favorite questions to ask is, “If I had a magic wand and I could change one or two or three things today for you, what would it/they be?”

Your personal goals are important, and I want to help you come up with your own plan to meet those goals. We’ll talk about nutrition, fitness, overall health, and more in that first visit so we can think about your plan holistically. After I get a good grasp of where you’d like to go, I’m going to ask where you’d like to start—that’s the beauty of coaching; it’s all about empowering you to make great choices.

For more information on Functional Medicine and how it might play a role in your fitness journey, I’ve suggested a book below. And, if you’re ready to start your journey toward better health, give me a call.

This Month’s Suggested Book Title:

Functional Medicine Coaching by Sandra Scheienbaum, PhD and Elyse Wagner, MS

This book is full of inspirational stories of people who have achieved their health goals with the help of a personal coach. It’s a great reminder that everyone was made to thrive!