Healthier Gift Ideas

Quick holiday gift ideas

After this year, we’re all thinking more about health. If you’re looking for simple ideas for extending the concept to Christmas gifts, check out these quick and easy ideas.

  • Select tasty, fresh and “local” olive oil: Old olive oil, which is what you get from the stores, has lost most of its healthy benefits and can actually add to inflammation in the body if not pure.  Olive oil is not like a good wine, it doesn’t age well.  The fresher it is, the better it is.  Good olive oil should have a harvest date on it.  You are looking for something that has been harvested within a year, 6 months even better.  Once and awhile, I find an olive oil in the store with a harvest date that I would actually buy.  There are some companies that sell real, fresh oils, but you have to read the harvest dates.  Olive oil lovers has a vast site with olive oils.  You will find recently harvested oils on that site a couple times a year. I recently learned about Temecula Olive Oil Company ( They have a variety of olive oils ranging from a year to 6 month harvest date or older.  If you ask about the freshest oils, they will tell you about them!  Always do your research! What a great gift of health to give pure, fresh olive oils. 
  • Pick a “recycled” toy: USA-made Green Toys ( offers a large selection of toys that are made from recycled materials. Choose wisely when picking toys for the kids.  They don’t need that extra toxic load from the toys they play with!
  • Give a gift for reducing toxic stress: It’s 2020. Enough said. Check out this previous blog about what happens when one is stressed and ideas for reducing it. Use it for inspiration for gift giving. (
  • Equip the kitchen: This year, we’re eating at home more, but nothing is more frustrating than the wrong (or missing!) kitchen tools. How about a new USA-made non-toxic skillet from or reusable, washable produce bags. Need more ideas? Look over this post:
  • Unpack it in the garage: Getting a new piece of furniture for your house for Christmas? Let it sit in the garage to off gas before bringing it into the house. Most furniture is loaded with toxins.  By letting it off gas before you bring it into your home helps lessen some of the toxins getting into your home. Even better, there are companies selling non-toxic furniture like Avocado Green Company and Cotton Cloud.  Toxic free is more expensive so letting it off gas is the best thing you can do if you can’t buy organic!  Learn more about toxins and your home environment:
  • Essential Oils: Talk about a gift of health this year. All natural, non-toxic, replaces toxic candles and air fresheners, promotes good sleep, helps ease overwhelm, uplifts the mood, helps support your body. What a great all in one gift. So many to choose from, visit my site for ideas or contact me for suggestions!
  • Think local: This year has been especially hard on local business; consider purchasing from local companies/family businesses. Many offer organic food and products. You can also think about purchasing a service for a family member, like lawn care, outdoor painting or massage!

Happy holidays to you and yours.