A Simple Solution for Your Resolution

Thinking through our blog conversations from earlier this year, I wrote that we should be aware not to “fall into the habit of thinking that we need to oversaturate our home [or our bodies] in chemicals in order to clean.”

It occurred to me that this goal of being aware of our cleaning and hygiene products translates into a simple, practical resolution for 2022. Our bodies are directly affected by the chemicals it comes into contact with. What people don’t realize is that its those toxins that can prevent us from losing weight or gaining back our health. So instead of trying to lose 10/20 lbs as your New Years Resolution, why not try to just get healthy first? Throughout the year, let’s make a habit of switching cleaning and hygiene products as we run out. That’s it! It’s not as hard as you think!

Finishing off that chemical-packed shampoo? Do some quick research, like on a reputable website such as EWG.org, and pick a new option. I use the doTERRA Brand with most all my products and have looked up all the ingredients on EWG.org and they come up A’s! So if you are looking for easy, I can help you. Otherwise, EWG.org is a great site you can look through to find better products.

To keep us on track, I’ve outlined themes for each month. Notice it’s just one topic or item per month. We want this to be easy. Feel free to modify it to create your own plan if desired. You may run out of body wash in February so that would make sense to replace that one then!

2022 Resolution: Pick a Better Product

Substitute one each month. Reduce unnecessary chemicals in your home and on your body.

January – Shampoo

February – Conditioner

March – Makeup

April – Skincare

May – Body wash

June – Kitchen cleaners

July – Bathroom cleaners

August – Laundry

September – Dryer sheets/fabric softener

October – Candles and air freshener

November – Lip balm and sunscreen

December – Deodorant

Some helpful tips:

  • When you’re looking at skincare products and makeup, sometimes you’re making a compromise between a product’s effectiveness and ingredients. For example, I’ve tried a “super clean” vinegar-based shampoo — but it was not working. No sudds, and that smell! Nope. I just could not use that product. I picked another shampoo that works , doTERRA, and it rated an A on EWG.org. However, you can find a substitute on EWG that might not have as high of a rating on their website, but it would be better than what you currently have and it would work. The goal is to get something that is less toxic and that works.
  • Remember, we’re just picking one item to replace each month in order to give you time to do quick research on ingredients, and if desired, do test runs with a product or two.
  • By the end of the year, you’ll have selected 12 (or more) replacements that will help you reduce your exposure to unnecessary chemicals.
  • If you happen to run out of something that’s not on the list, do the research and make a change then!
  • In addition to the ideas on the EWG website, you might consider these options and companies.
    • kitchen cleaner products: doTERRA’s Abode line

If you need more ideas, I’m happy to help. Drop me a line!