How About Finding Your Healthy You?

While watching the docuseries, Alzheimer’s — The Science of Prevention, I found myself really appreciating all the practical information. Then, I started to think that while the series is focused on brain health, it also provides an outline for how to improve a person’s whole-body health.

The presenter neurologist David Perlmutter, MD, walks through how today’s actions affect our long-term health for brain and body. Quoting Dr. Perlmutter’s website, “There’s a common misconception that whether or not we get Alzheimer’s disease is something that’s out of our hands. But that is absolutely a misconception. Our actions today, the choices that we make, pave the way for our brain’s destiny in terms of health, functionality, and risk for this disease.”

Get ready. Mark your calendar!

I cover these wellness concepts with clients in one-on-one settings, but they’re worth sharing and learning about together. Starting Wednesday, Jan. 8, join me for a six-week series Lifestyle Changes: Finding the Healthy You.  

Each week, we’ll meet and learn about a specific aspect of health and wellness. The time will start with a 30-minute video from Alzheimer’s — The Science of Prevention. Next, we’ll …

  • Hear from local experts and gather more useful tips on health, fitness, organization, environmental factors, and more
  • Learn about and introduce doable changes into your life
  • Find support and share your progress with others in person and through the online Facebook group

This six-week series starts Wednesday, Jan. 8 and runs from 6 to 7:30 pm. We will meet at 1400 NE 48th Ave in Hillsboro. The cost is $175 and includes the six classes with local experts, access to the online community, and more.

Since gift-giving season is right around the corner, I’m also offer a lay-away plan. To register and learn more, email me at devi@simplywholebydevi. I am working on getting it on my website for easy sign up there, in the mean time, just email and I will get you set up!

Why join Lifestyle Changes: Finding the Healthy You.

We’ve all heard (or said) some version of this statement, “Well, I’m stuck. My parents had this issue, it runs in the family. I’m doomed to be unhealthy. I give up.” Your heredity presents very real possibilities. But! Scientists, like Dr. Perlmutter, are focusing on how we can shape our genetic tendencies with consistent (and often simple!) habits.

My six-week series is built on this concept—providing tools, information, and support for you to hear and consider what options can work for you. My goal is that by the end you’ll have practical ideas to use and keep you going.

That first session, we’ll look at how every one of us comes with different genetics and backgrounds, but we all benefit from asking the same questions, like “What is the best for me  … with my body and background?”

As always, contact me with questions or if you’re ready to register. Plus, watch for next month’s blog. I’ll share more about the six-week series, including what is epigenetics and why it is important.

For a teaser, here is an interview with one of the guest speakers that will be at the class teaching us about stress relieving techniques.