Let’s work smarter, not harder!

It’s January and most people are setting goals for this New Year. Unfortunately, most people will not reach their goal. This is because we tend to create a goal but no plans are made on how to attain that goal. We also don’t consider how to tackle the obstacles that trip us up on the way. There is a better way to help yourself reach your goal.

This work-smarter mindset involves you considering what has and is standing in your way of achieving your goal. Maybe it is your actual schedule, your negative self-talk, or a toxic “friend” who keeps pulling you down. (As an aside, if you need a current example of the power of removing negative people, habits, and self-talk from your life, I’ve heard that Brittany Runs A Marathon is inspiring.)

Real goals mean we’ve looked reality in the face—and we’ve made a real plan. Your plan needs to include a defined end goal that: 1) you can achieve through doable consistent steps and 2) you can measure through clear metrics. Pointing out that resolutions are only achieved by a mere 8% is an opportunity for us to plan a real goal and keep it!

As a demonstration, let’s look at the same objective planned as an undefined resolution and then as a defined goal. Let’s say that you’re trying to lose weight, so …

The resolution approach might include a “goal” of losing 40 to 50 pounds by the end of the year. The method is not defined, other than sheer willpower.

The realistic goal includes a plan of walking at the nature park near your home five days a week (after work) with your dog and aiming for a weight loss of 3 to 4 pounds per month. You’ve already talked with a close friend, who will meet you Sunday afternoons to walk together, holding you accountable and making it fun. And, driving a different route to work to prevent you from stopping at that Starbucks on the corner to get a vanilla latte every morning. Making note, that bringing your own coffee to work will also save some money!

While this is oversimplified, the point is that one is vague and unsustainable. The real goal includes steps that are doable, measurable, and can be held accountable, as well as addressing your environment which plays an important role in your daily decisions.

Need help defining that real goal?

We’ve been talking about the six-week seriesLifestyle Changes: Finding the Healthy You. The class starts Wednesday, Jan. 8, and there is still time to sign up. If you have a health goal (“resolution”) that has been elusive, join me in my class, find and remove that obstacle, and get the tools to tackle your goal.

The schedule includes: 

Week 1 – Jenni Holman with Leora Organization and Redesign will present How changing our environments can improve our health.

Week 2 – Lanae Carver of 4 Core will present How reducing stress and improving sleep are powerful health benefits. Learn some breathwork techniques and other tools for reducing anxiety.

Week 3 – Angel Martin of Angel’s Boot Camp will present How exercise and diet can overcome a variety of life and health challenges.

Week 4 – Hannah Robles of BevidaHealth will present How our own limiting thoughts and behaviors actually keep us from our health goals.

Week 5 – Devi Moss of Simply Whole by Devi will present How removing toxins from our homes and lives can lead to improved health.

Week 6 – Heather Morris of Bold Beyond Belief, an inspirational speaker, will present How to help with motivation and take action!

The series will also include a Health Fair during the final class gathering. You’ll be able to meet a variety of professionals in the health industry who can help you make changes and discover new ways to think about health and help motivate you to action. This six-week series starts Wednesday, Jan. 8 and runs from 6 to 7:30 pm. The cost is $175. We will meet at 1400 NE 48th Ave in Hillsboro. Sign up today online at https://simplywholebydevi.com/product/group-coaching-lifestyle-changes-finding-the-healthy-you/