New Year’s Resolution Slump? Try Gratitude!

Need a little boost to keep going with your New Years resolution?  Do you find yourself loosing steam as we head into February? Looking where to find some inspiration to keep you on track?

Where to Look for Inspiration?

  1. Instagram: I love looking at beautiful pictures of food, fitness inspiration, healthy living, and life affirmations, and it can be a fun and practical way to tap into motivation that maintains your resolution! You can follow my account at @simplywholebydevi. Two other accounts that I’d recommend: @bitesbeyondlimits and @buddha_bowls. The first is a mother-daughter duo who feature delicious recipes that cater to specific dietary restrictions, like gluten- and soy-free; the second account is a beautiful display of healthy food if you just need some ideas!  And how easy is it if you need inspiration in a pinch to grab your phone!
  2. Facebook: There are some amazing people and posts on Facebook, too. Like Instagram, you can like/follow my Facebook page at, where I post more great health, fitness, and lifestyle content. You can also like/follow Healthy Holistic Living and Mind Body Green. They regularly post health articles and interesting videos that’ll be sure to reaffirm your goals.
  3. Affirmations: Oh, the power of positive thinking. There are numerous benefits to expressing gratitude; even physical health and sleep quality are improved the more you practice thankfulness. It helps us put our New Year’s resolutions into perspective, which is motivating. Even medical researchers keep uncovering benefits of a sunny outlook. Not sure where to start with positive affirmations? Visit this link to look at some ways to start putting gratitude into practice. Also, check out Louise Hay’s website. She was amazing at providing positive affirmations, and her legacy continues even after her passing in 2017. I’ve been so inspired by just browsing through her website, and she’s helped countless people find a touch of happiness. If you visit her website and sign up for the newsletter, you get a free audio gift.
  1. Books and Music: If your resolution was less screen time, or you’re simply tired of it, pick up a book! Try a book about gratitude. Or, here’s a list of books that can help you reshape your thinking in a variety of ways. I’m a fan of The Power of Habit, which is listed as number four. Music can also be an effective way to keep up on your goals, like listening to upbeat music while working out or cleaning or making that healthy dinner. If you want to learn more about music’s effect, listen to this NPR author interview. I’d also throw out the idea of listening to a podcast or book on tape, especially if your resolution can be a little boring at times, like food prep or household tasks.

So, why are these tips helpful for keeping resolutions? Staying inspired helps us maintain our mindset and momentum. If you still feel like you’re in a slump, give me a call and we can work through it together.