Abs are made in the kitchen.  Period. 

Our kitchen is usually a focal point in our home.  It’s where we gather, it’s where we eat and it’s where our health starts.   Our kitchen should be set up to make “healthy” easy.   By doing a little spring cleaning in our kitchen and organizing it, we can make our kitchen a safe haven for health.  A healthy lifestyle can be made easy by making the healthiest choices the most convenient.

So aside from the obvious like cleaning out the cupboards of junk and highly processed foods, and stocking it with healthy choices; there are some things you can do to your kitchen to set you up for success!

  1. Have a fruit bowl on display on your counter.  Some research has been done showing that people that have an accessible fruit bowl weigh less than those that don’t.   You can make it even more enticing by placing your purse or your keys next to it so in the morning when you leave for the day, you can grab yourself a piece of fruit.   Or when you get home and your starving, you can eat a piece of fruit to get you by till you get your dinner made.
  2. Reducing kitchen clutter will also help you gain back your health. A studfruitbowly done by a Dr Wansink actually found that reducing the clutter in your kitchen leads to a third less snacking.  So aside from your fresh fruit bowl out for all to see, get rid of all the other clutter, papers, mail piles and processed snack foods.  Out of sight, out of mind.
  3. Purchase smaller dinner plates. Did you know that our plate size has gotten bigger though the years?  The larger the plates, the larger our portion sizes.  To naturally decrease the amount we eat, we need to have less on our plates and smaller plate sizes will help make that happen.  Your glass size has similar effects.  We tend to drink more from a wider glass than a taller glass.  Time for some new dishes!
  4. You can actually increase your physical activity in the kitchen. We have so many gadgets to make cooking easier, why not do some things by hand and burn more calories in the process.   Chop veggies by hand instead of using a food processor, mix things by hand instead of an electric mixer.    Actually make dinners instead of going out to eat.  One of the healthiest things we can do is cook our own meals!
  5. Make a day of prepping your food for the week to have healthy food and healthy snacks available to you and easy to grab. Plan your meals and have all the food bought and ready to go.  This will make it easier to stay home to make your dinner instead of grabbing fast food.

Set yourself up for success by taking the time to go through your kitchen today.   Don’t make it too expensive by replacing everything in one day, but do take an account of what you have and what you need to replace by making a list.  That way you can make it less expensive and do it a chunk at a time.  And if you don’t know where to start, contact me today devi@simplywholebydevi.com.