Continue your food adventure!

One food item (if you can call it that!), that is loaded with sugar, is soda.  Did you know? A can of coke contains 39 grams of sugar!  For an adult at normal weight, the recommended daily allowance is 25 grams of sugar.  This is a problem.  Many people find it difficult to quit that sugary, addictive drink.  Let me present a tasty option, which fits perfectly into your New Year’s Food Adventure, and it adds healthy probiotics. Try Kombucha!

What is kombucha?
Made from green, black, or white tea, kombucha tastes strongly tart and sweet with an effervescent quality. Since it goes through a fermentation process, some people compare it to the qualities of beer but without the hops, and in some cases, kombucha does contain a very small amount of alcohol. If you’ve never had the drink before, read the short and informative “What to Expect the First Time You Drink Kombucha.”   I personally strain out the “mushroom”, its not really my cup of tea 🙂

Why kombucha?
If you select one with lower sugar, kombucha is a refreshing treat with the benefits of vitamin B and antioxidants; and with the raw/unpasteurized versions, it’s packed with probiotics (helpful bacteria for your digestive system). The key to kombucha is watching the sugar content. Always pick lower sugar. You’ll find several flavors from lemon-ginger to melon-lavender (yes, lavender!). The options are plentiful!

You can also expand your food adventure to apple cider vinegar drinks, like Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Concord Grape-Acai drink. With a high-quality vinegar like Bragg’s, you’re getting probiotics that help with digestion. New research has even suggested that apple cider can help ward off diabetes.

Like your food adventure? Invite others to taste the fun!
· If you have kids, ask them to help you select one type of kombucha each month. Bring it home and give everyone a small glass. Share your thoughts and reactions. Maybe record your “findings” in your food adventure journal, rating each item together and as individuals.
· Or, invite your friends for a monthly taste-testing! Ask them to pick up one flavor to share.

Just like the Food Adventure, this is a no-worries journey. Just jump in, drink up, and enjoy!