September Stress?

The school year is here. And with it comes the stress of getting into a new schedule. These transitions with their countless decisions can be overwhelming. So how can you de-stress these type of transitions?

You Know Something is Coming. Be Proactive.

Prep you lunches!

There is something to say about doing a little planning, especially before an expected transition like the start of the school year.  But, when you create a habit of proactive planning, it’ll make your life easier. For example: you know Monday morning is coming each week—and so is the need to provide lunches. Take time each Sunday and prepare lunches. Your week will be less stressful when you can reach into the fridge, grab lunches for you and your family, and head out the door.

Let’s look at another common stressor for back-to-school: homework! Look at your schedule and create a realistic homework routine, like the kids get home, play for 30 minutes, eat a snack, and start homework. Every. Single. Day. No it won’t be perfect but if its routine, it will be easier!


Over time, that expected routine reduces everyone’s stress. A routine brings consistency, helping everyone get on board. You’ll find yourself doing less prodding and redirecting, which in turn gives you more time to work on other important tasks.

Dealing with Deadlines? A Practical Way to Plan.

This concept works for due dates for school as well as deadlines for work. Get out your calendar and work backwards, marking smaller due dates when you need to accomplish pieces of the project.

Plan ahead

This process is also true for your health goals. Look at the goal and deadline, and work backwards on the calendar, marking the actual steps/sections. Accomplishing the smaller steps  gives you more confidence to get to the next step. It’s a less overwhelming and more realistic approach to projects, and you can work on a little bit each day as part of your routine. Looking for more encouragement on long-term planning? Check out this short article, 4 Tips On How Planning Ahead Can Help You Avoid Stress.

Practical Reminders for Dealing with Stress.
The first few weeks of school are hectic and while you’re creating a routine to alleviate stress now and throughout the year, stress can still be stressful. Use these tried-and-true tips to keep the effects of stress at bay (because if your body is getting what it needs, you handle everything better!):

Have questions about realistic planning and reducing stress? Give me a call or send me an email!